Friday, January 23, 2009

UFOs and Anticipating the Train Trip

Yesterday, I was counting my crafts in progress. I thought that I only had around 4 knitting projects that had been started. To my great surprised, I have 9 started! I have been so focused on sweaters lately, that I had completely forgotten the 3 shawls and 2 pair of socks. I also have one project that is crochet and one more that is cross stitch. Since I rarely do either of those, any more, I doubt they’ll get finished this year, but I may get a few hours in on each of them.
As for the knitting projects, I am contemplating which to take with me on the yarn train, tomorrow. Lightweight projects are good as I will have to carry the project around with me while I am in Portland. There will also be a KAL on the train with the yarn provided by the organizer. I am very excited about that one! To keep it simple, maybe I will take my latest simple sock. It would be small and lightweight to pack around the city. Getting another pair of socks finished would be wonderful, too. So many of my socks have been developing large holes and generally becoming very thin. Hopefully, I have a pair that I can wear tomorrow, as it is supposed to be cold, for our area. The forecasted high of 40 degrees sounds cold to me!


vickie said...

for the contest entry i love the morrigan afgan. cables are my favorite. vbarotn24 at gmail dot com

vickie said...

ita vbarton24 not vbarotn24 darn dyslexia :-(

Ruthanne (in Seattle) said...

wow - why didn't I even hear about this Seattle - Portland Yarn Train. It sounds fabulous! Hope you had a great time. Was it advertised, or was it a group of friends?