Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Tuesday, I made a bag. I have had some hemp that I purchased just to make reusable grocery bags. I originally bought it when I saw this pattern on Knitty, back in the summer of 2007. Almost immediately, I went to and purchased 2 skeins for their Canapone. When it arrived, I put it away, putting a sticky on it so that I would remember which pattern I wanted to use. Come January 2009, I stumbled across this pattern. I pared it down a little and made a bag that is great for apples, mangoes, or other large fruit. I plan to make a couple more so that I no longer need plastic bags in the produce aisle. The yarn is very strong and the pattern is very stretchy. I could probably put around 5 pounds of fruit in this one, quite easily. The color is brown, with quite a bit of blue in it, so it looks almost purple. Lovely!
Today is the day of my class with Ruth Sorenson on knitting a steeked shawl. I am about to head out to Village Yarn & Tea and will bring a report back on Monday.