Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Busy Evening

I wore my lavender Siena Cardigan, last Sunday, with jeans and a dark purple, long sleeved t-shirt. The fuzz didn’t stick to, or at least didn’t show on my jeans, and I wore the sweater all day, so I didn’t have to worry about the fuzz on the t-shirt. I would have looked a little silly if I took off the sweater as the shirt was loaded with it! :) The next time I wear it, I will probably wear a lighter colored shirt underneath so that I don’t have to worry about it. I am also thinking of washing it to see if that takes care of the issue, but have been too lazy and had too much other laundry to get done, first.

Here is a look into my day, after work:
On Tuesday night, I arrived home rather late, after a full evening. I went straight from van pool (my ride home from work) to the chiropractor. I went home just long enough to eat dinner quickly and then left for church. I didn’t get home from there until 9:00. Then, I started in on my evening routine. I cleaned the kitchen and made my lunch and snacks to take work, Wednesday. Then, as I walked through our home to the stairs, I picked up anything that I could see that belonged upstairs. Once upstairs, I put away the few items that I carried up with me and then put some clothes in the dryer and started the clothes washer, which I loaded but forgot to start that morning. All of this took me about 45 minutes. I changed my clothes and made myself ready for bed, and then saw my clean clothes that were in several locations including on my bed, waiting to be put away. I could hear Fly Lady’s voice in my head, “Just 10 minutes. Set the timer and go!” So, that is what I did. It only took 9 minutes to fold and put all of those clothes away and even hang up the ones that I put in the dryer! By the time I crawled into bed, though, the time had seemed to grow legs and run away, as it was 10:45! I couldn’t believe it!
Fortunately, not every night is this full, but this is a typical Tuesday. If every night were that full, I would simply drop everything long before the weekend.