Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organizing the Stash

On Monday, I accomplished quite a bit of organizing. For a while, now, my yarn stash has been getting more and more out of hand. So, along comes a day off from work and I have time to get busy with it! I started by finishing some mending that had been taking over my ironing board. (I wanted to use the ironing board for my organizing project as it is a great, adjustable "table" for sorting small items.) I put the zipper in the sweater that I made my dh for Christmas and then fixed the hem in a pair of pants and sewed on some buttons. At that point, I felt like continuing down through the pile, and working on some sewing projects that have all been started but are in various states of being unfinished. There is a jacket that I only need to hem, add a button & button hole and sew the sleeves on. There is a pair of pants that I have sewn the front and back darts, but nothing else and a shirt that has only been cut out, as well as a piece of fabric for a dress that has only been washed.
However, I didn’t. I stuck to my original plan of organization. I pulled most of the yarn out of the closet and started to decide what to keep, sell, or give away. At the one-third of the way done point, I decided that I could no longer ignore the lovely weather and went out for a walk/jog. After arriving home, I worked on it a little more, until I needed to get ready to meet my mom and sister. After a fun day out, I came home, made dinner and then went out to get some ink for the printer and some storage bags for it all. Once home, again, I went to work. I bagged all of my cotton leftovers together and put all the wool into one pile to be sorted further. Anything that I had enough for a sweater, I put back in the Rubbermaid tote that I use for storing yarn. Any that there was not enough, I either put it in its own bag or with some other yarn that was of similar content. There were 2 different yarns that I purchased to knit a sweater and ended up having 1/3 of the yarn left over. How do I over estimate so much? Well, that’s a question for another entry…After all of this pooling, sorting and bagging, I filled a regular sized paper shopping bag with the bags of yarn that I don’t have a plan for or were ones that I don’t want to keep. I plan to take these with me on the knitting retreat in February so they can be sold in the silent auction. I still need to write up the listings, but those can be done a little at a time in the evenings until I go.


Jknits said...

Must be the season for organizing...I've started keeping my favorite yarns in clear glass vases and glass bowls. That way I can appreciate it while it's waiting to be used. It sounds like you've got some good systems going too.

RoamingKnitter said...

Now that is what I call organizing! Good for you. Before I moved into our motorhome full-time I had an overflowing stash of fabric and mending. Forcing myself to weed through it was almost harder than going to the dentist. Getting rid of the stash and trimming down my yarn stash for small living was hard work, too.