Monday, February 01, 2010

Newest Aran Afghan Squares

Last Tuesday evening was the latest class for me Taste of Aran Afghan. Usually, I have found that one of the two blocks we work on flies by, while the other drags on. Happily, it is not the case this time! Both blocks seem to almost knit themselves. I finished the first, Star Stitch, Thursday morning. You can see a poor photograph of its beauty above. I finished the second block by the end of the same day. I like to get the blocks finished as close to the class time as possible so that I don’t set it aside and then not finish! :)
I have a stealth project with a deadline that is not in the too-distant future, so I doubt that I will be posting much until it is done.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Finally Catching Up

During the Christmas season, I was quite busy, so I neglected my blog. However, I am now back to posting. To see what I have been knitting in the past month, feel free to click the link on the left to view my Ravelry projects, as I have finished many, many projects, lately.
Most recently, I am working on a baby blanket for a coworker. During our mid-November all staff meeting, I was sitting near the back knitting on a sweater. I was recognized by one of our clients as going above and beyond in my job. As such, all eyes turned towards me. I knit because I concentrate better and fidget less during meetings. My bosses understand this so there is no problem. However, I prefer not have EVERYONE interested in what I am doing as I do not like to be a distraction. Well...To make a long story a little shorter, I later received an email from a coworker that I don't know that well. It read, "Do you make baby blankets?" I basically said, "No," as I don't like the idea of making something that someone else has imagined. I am always afraid that it will not be what they expected or that they will want me to use a yarn or pattern that I hate. Several weeks later, an invitation to her baby shower arrived in my inbox, so I decided to make her one, but in the yarn and pattern combination of my choosing.
I drove down to VY&T that evening and purchased 5 balls of Berroco's Comfort and a simple pattern for the Heritage Blanket. (I later returned one ball as the blanket is already getting plenty big enough.) I hope to have it finished today and may get a picture up by the weekend. The shower is next week, so I need to wash and block it, too.