Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cables and Os Progress

I have been diligently working on my Cables & Os Cardigan from No Sheep for You. It is growing! I have completed around 15 percent more of the project, which is almost doubling the progress I had from last year! I started it last May, and worked for a couple of weeks on it. When it did not seem to be growing fast enough and my wrist was starting to hurt, I moved on to something easier. This is a cotton/linen yarn knitted at a rather tight gauge, so it does bother me some if I forget to stretch. I was noticing that it was bothering me a little last night, so I started taking a few more stretch breaks and that enabled me to continue working until I needed another skein of yarn. I forgot to put one in my bag before leaving the house, so I stopped at that point.
Yesterday, I was working on it at a staff meeting and had several people comment on how nice it looks! (I keep eye contact with the speaker most of the time, so no one has ever said that I shouldn’t be knitting at these events. There are around 70 of us at these things and there is only 1 person speaking at a time, so no employee participation, other than listening, is expected.) In that hour, I finished almost one pattern repeat, of 8 rows on 374 stitches. That felt really good and I was quite impressed with myself.
After work, I went to my women’s group at church. During the discussions, I often knit, too. While there, for 2 hours, I finished another repeat. When I am talking, I sometimes stop knitting because I am concentrating on getting the right words so that I am understandable, so I get less done that when I only need to listen.