Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yet Another Exciting Knitting Class!

Also on Saturday, as we were leaving the yarn store, we came across a lovely, intricate, lace shawl that had been knitted my one of the store employees. It was a mobius. As we were fondling it and talking about how beautiful it was, the knitter came over and made sure that we knew that she is teaching a class on how to make it. We talked to her about it for a while and she told us enough about the techniques and variations for the pattern and yarn combination, that I expect us to sign up to take her class. All 3 of us were intrigued by the finished product. A little over a year ago, I checked out a book on mobius knitting from the local library. The technique looked interesting, but the projects in the book were ugly, boring, or just not useful to me, so I returned it rather quickly. However, this particular shawl, knit on size 4 needles with very fine lace weight yarn, was so lovely that I am willing to try her class. I did not sign up that day, as I wanted to think about it, but will probably sign up the next time that I am at the store. I do kind of wish that I could move the class to another day, though, as it is planned for the day after my skirt class, which is also a Sunday. Usually Sundays are spent at my parents’ house playing card games or watching a movie. I always enjoy these lazy Sundays and will miss it, but it will be worth it for that shawl! :)