Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Mystery Sock Project

Just before starting the shawl, I also discovered a Mystery Sock Along on Ravelry. Upon this discovery, I purchased the kit for the project from Knitter's Brewery. The yarn is lovely and very soft. The iridescent beads are wonderful and I am anxious to get to the part of the sock where I get to knit with them! The socks are toe up with a short row heel. I don't like the way that short row heels fit me, so I will probably use Cat Bordhi's method of knitting a gusset and then the heel that way. They are so much more comfortable. The pattern starts to be released May 1st, but the first release came with my yarn and beads so that I don't have to wait. There will be 7 clues and the socks should be finished by the end of May. That means a new clue about every 4 days, or so! I really like how quickly this KAL is going to move. Already, I can see a bed of tiny flowers appearing in the knitting! :)


Karen said...

Oooohhhh, beaded socks. I'm dying to try those some day. :)