Thursday, April 09, 2009

LYS Tour Plans

My friend K and I are planning to visit all 23 stores on the LYS Tour, this year, so I have been planning our route already. I love planning as it lengthens the amount of time that I get to anticipate a fun activity. I have spent quite a bit of time online doing my research through maps and directions that can be found online. I used Map Quest for some of my planning as they allow me to enter many locations and then change the order easily. By reordering and looking at the total time that they think the driving will take for the trip, I can come up with a good, optimized route. I don't know the Seattle area very well, so figuring out the best way to drive is difficult. Because I am expecting there to be a high number of highway construction projects on Saturday, and we have 3 days to accomplish our goal, I am expecting us to go to Churchmouse early on either Thursday or Friday and then go to several of the other south end stores. The other weekday will be more of the same, leaving all of the north end stores for Saturday. I am already getting rather excited for this year, even though it doesn't begin until May 14th!


g-girl said...

goodness, i'm excited! this is the same tour where you get a prize for visiting the most shops, right? i can't wait to hear all about it