Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Whisper Progress

Since finishing the Baby Hoodie, last Sunday morning, I have gone back to knitting on my Whisper Cardigan. (I have yet to photograph the baby cardigan as I did not take my camera with me to my parents house when I gave the sweater to his parents.) I am almost finshied wit the second sleeve! It looks like a long tube, and everyone seems to think that I am knitting the most boring scarf ever. (Those are my words not theirs. They love the color, softness, etc.) I showed my SIL that it was indeed teh start of a sweater by putting on the finished sleeve and then pulling the other side around so she could get an idea of how it will look. She loves it on me. All this stockinette makes me a little sleepy, but hearing the raves come back keeps me working away on it. Finishing that one, little sweater has spurred me on to finish some other things, so you can expect me to be working on projects that have already been started for at least a few days! :}


g-girl said...

i'm in the throes of ribbing myself. it will eventually get finished into beautiful pieces. yours of course will be completed much sooner than mine will though!