Monday, April 27, 2009

Mystery Shawl: Mia Bella

Two weeks ago, one of my online knitting groups sent out a notice that a new pattern would be released in pieces like a mystery shawl. I have not knit any of the past patterns, but decided that I would like to participate in the next one. So, when I was at Village Yarn with my friends K & C, on April 18th, I purchased some lovely Misti Alpaca Lace. I started knitting on the first chart just shortly after arriving home from the store. The yarn is lovely to work this, and while I wasn't very sure about the pattern at the beginning, I am loving it. I finished the few rows that I had and then logged onto the group to find out when the next piece would be released. To my happy surprise, it was already on the site! I finished that chart (#1 in reality, I had been knitting from the tips sheet) almost the same day. At that point, I was liking it better, but wasn't entirely sold on it. Then, I received the next piece to the pattern on 4/23. After finishing that one in one evening, I totally love it and can hardly wait for the next release!


g-girl said...

that is going to be gorgeous!