Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baseball Yarn & Contest

I recently saw an add on Ravelry for Seattle Mariners inspired sock yarn. My DH is a huge fan of baseball so I clicked the link to take a close look. When I saw that she only had one left, I bought it up! When the package arrived, I asked him, "What does this remind you of?" I received a blank stare in response and then, he replied, "Baseball." If that weren't his regular "silly" response to a question about yarn or knitting, I would have been impressed. :) Instead, I teased him about his answer and then showed him the color name on the label: Hometeam Baseball. He should had a good laugh over that one! I do plan to knit him another pair of socks with it some time this year, in hopes that I will finish a Christmas gift for him long before the holiday shows up. Does anyone have any pattern suggestions that would go with the theme of the yarn? Anyone who leaves a comment with a link to a pattern, by Thursday, April 16th and has (and has a US address) will be entered into a drawing for a ball of yarn from my stash. I look forward to reading your responses. :0


Chrisknits said...

I am going to be lame and say a 2x2 rib and call it Double Play. I said it was lame!