Friday, April 03, 2009


This is one of my newest projects: a baby hoodie for my nephew. His mom just loves to receive hand knits for him and puts them on him very often. I, of course love knitting for him, but know that his mom takes little time to wash his things, so I always look for a very machine wash friendly yarn. I have washed my cardigan made from Elann's Super Cable Aran, a cotton yar, and have found it to be an easy to care for garment. I'm hoping this means that it will wear well for him, too! I picked up a few balls of it on my last stash enhancement from Elann and cast on nearly the same day it arrived. My secret pal sent me a knitting pattern a day calendar, and the pattern comes from there. Its a cute sweater that I'm sure will work wonderfully. I took it with me to the class last Saturday and worked on it between the instructions given by Tuulia. When my hands are busy, I am much more patient. (As an asisde, I guess that I really am a fast knitter. I waited on everyone else quite a bit and was the only one to finish the sample project to the point where the sleeve stitches are taken off the needles!) I went to pull it out to finish it on Sunday, and found that my directions were missing! I sent an email to my friend, who drove us to the class, and they were no where to be found. I remembered putting them into my bag when cleaning up from the class, so I kept searching the house. I finally found them tucked inside the notebook that I took with me for note taking, which I never wrote in, but I FOUND THEM! Hopefully, I'll get some time soon to finish this as he is growing more and more every day and it won't fit if I don't finish soon!