Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tailored Sweater Update

I have been making quite a bit of progress on my Summer Pullover, since finishing up my Malabrigo projects from ESK's Malabrigo Projects Club. (More on those later...) I have at least 4 inches of the side seams done, but am getting rather bored with all this stockinette stitch. It does, however, make for great meeting knitting as I rarely need to look down at it. I am really looking forward to the next ESK shipment so that I will have another project to begin. That is, if I don't start something sooner. I have been thinking about the Queensland Cotton that I purchased a while back from Elann. I would like to have a sweater knit out of it, but am really not sure what I want. I guess that I could knit some swatches and see what looks good. If I found a lace pattern that I particularly loved, I might even be able to put the gauge into the Tailored Sweater Pattern and work it out for a great fitting, lacy, summer top. I have been have been sewing myself some summer skirts, lately and it would go perfectly!