Monday, September 03, 2007

Status on Bristow

I've taken lots of time to knit, lately. Of course, nothing else is getting done, but I'm having fun! I've finished the back and front left of Bristow, and have about 2 inches of the front right done. The cabling looks great and I tried something new on this one: bust darts! (If you were thinking, "Why does the front look a little funny?" its because of the dart. When laid flat the piece "bends" at the dart.) I used the calculation method out of Big Girl Knits and found it to work very, very well. I had to guess a little on the numbers to plug into the formulas, as this sweater is a gift, but I guessed a little on the low side (I think) as I wouldn't want to put too much extra fabric in for the bust line and have it bunch up. I'm really hoping that this is the best fitting sweater, ever!!


Tabitha said...

Bristow is gorgeous. Love those cables. Can't wait to see the finished product.