Monday, August 13, 2007

Sockapalooza Package!!

Wow! My "sock savior" came through! She sure is a fast knitter. The socks fit well and the book is GREAT!! It gave me an acute case of startitis, though...I want to choose the most complicated, huge, huge pattern and cast on immediately! Fortunately, I didn't have the yarn for a project like that already in my stash! LOL!!
[There was a very nice card withe the name of my "savior" but I forgot to bring it to work so that I could write it, here. I'll update this post later as a proper thank you!]


Holly said...

Wow-those socks are really pretty! I'm a big fan of red :~)

Mags said...

Glad you got yor parcel and the sox fit. Me, a fast knitter....
You must be thinking about my SIL who can knit a pair of sox in a day.(At least that's what I'm told.) I, on the other hand, am always stroking, petting and admiring my progress. Consequently, it take me a little(lot) longer. (HaHa)
Happy knitting