Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Only A Little Knitting Progress

I've been working on 2 sweaters at the same time and expect to receive the yarn and start a third at any time...As such, I don't have very interesting progress to show for it. However, I am progressing. On Durrow, I have started the raglan decreases for the front. (I already have the back and one sleeve finished.) At first I was having a terrible time because I was finding knots in the yarn (where is broken) every 60-70 yards! The first 5 skeins I knit from were all in the same bag. Then I starting from the 10 skeins that were in another bag and have found no knots, yet. I'm so glad this problem is not continuing. The yarn (Knit Picks Swish) is so soft to the touch and has great stitch definition. I think this will become a favorite sweater for dh.

On the UnGranny Smith, I've finished the first front and am about a 1/3 of the way into the first sleeve. It, too, is going quite quickly. I'll have to get a picture of the finished front. It looks gorgeous with the beautiful shine from the rayon part of the yarn.

Yesterday, I felt like working on a short project, so I knit these baby socks. The yarn was left over from a sweater that I made. This set will probably get a hat knitted for it in the future so that it can be given as a baby shower gift. The socks were a fun, cute, quick project that makes me smile.