Friday, August 10, 2007

Durrow: Sleeve Started!!

Since my Worship Team Practice at church was cancelled for last night, I knit, knit, knit, and the back of Durrow is finished!! I'm still surprised that it has gone so quickly! (It needs a good blocking, but there are still live stitches, so I haven't done it yet. I will probably follow the directions and block it after I've finished.)

Having finished the back, I started on the first sleeve. It took me a while to figure out how to do the increases, but I did finally figure it out and
have been knitting away on it quite happily, since then. For today, a day off from work, I plan to set aside Durrow and work on the Mystery Stole until I have clue 6 finished! The clue came out this morning, of course, so I'm anxious to work on it.

By clicking on the picture of the started sleeve, you will be able to see the stitch markers from Danielle at Mad Caterpillar. They are staying out of my way while knitting (as they have no pretty danglies on them) and contrast the yarn so well that I never forget to change from 4x2 ribbing to the charted pattern. I love them.

In Exchange news, I received an email earlier this week saying that my Sockapalooza pal will need to be replaced by an "angel" because she broke her arm and collar bone. I don't mind waiting and my heart goes out to this knitter. I know that I would be soooo bored if unable to knit! I also received an email from my Secret Pal Hostess saying that she plans to get the matches made and emailed by the end of the weekend. I am almost as excited to start as I was for my first time in Secret Pal. I'm already collecting a few little things that I think any knitter would like and am planning on making this a great exchange for her!


Stephanie said...

Your Durrow is looking good! That totally sucks about your Sockapalooza pal. Too bad she didn't let someone know earlier about it so you would get your socks now too. I didnt' join this year but think I will next. It seems like everyone has been having lots of fun with it!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Great project. I love knitting with greys because that color goes well with ANY other color. I'm anxious to see the FO when you have it all together.