Friday, August 03, 2007

New Christmas Present OTN

After I finished weaving in all the ends on Snowmen and Skates, I started Durrow for my dh's Christmas present. I have about 4 inches done on the back, already. Knitting on 5 mm needles versus 3 mm sure makes it go faster!!

I'm using needles from Knit Picks' Options line. They are nice and pointed. I'm having no troubles at all knitting with them.

The color is a little off, here, as the yarn is definitely black, not dark gray. The yarn, also from Knit Picks, is Swish Superwash, the worsted version. It is so soft that it almost feels like a cotton mix! He'll love it, as when I suggested wool, he told me that wool isn't soft enough. Mostly, he likes acrylic or cotton, which I don't like knitting with as well as wool. (He doesn't have an allergies to wool, just likes knitted fabrics that feel very soft when he runs his hand over them.)

Casting on is such fun, but I may have to be careful, or it could lead to a case of startitis! I also just received the latest pattern from Sockamania. Since I just bought sock yarn on Wednesday night, I have an idea that I may start a pair of socks or two, too! (I bought 2 skeins of Dream In Color's Smooshy in dark green/teal and dark blue. They're lovely and the yarn is so soft!) Those socks will probably be Christmas gifts, as well. Since they are dark colors that guys might wear, they will probably go to my brother-in-law and maybe one of my brothers. We'll see!!


Quail Hill Knits said...

Oh Lord. I don't want to start thinking about Christmas yet, but you have the right idea. If I don't want to be a raving lunitic in the days before Christmas morn, now is a good time to get started. I like the Knit Pics Options needles too. They are easy to knit with and rival the Addi Turbos I have. Looking forward to see your progress on your latest project (Oh BTW, the needles I sent to you were of the Brittany brand)