Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some Lovely Things

I've been working on the Luna Moth Shawl, some more! You can see that it is growing. (The needle it is on is a 60" incher, just to let you know how big it is getting.) I still have much left to do, but am re-motivated to work on it, lately. I really do love knitting lace!
On Monday night, I received this set of stitch markers from my "Stuff Knitters Want" group. I love them and will use them for the next project that I start.
Then, there's the Leaf Lace Sock. I tried it on as I was starting the toe decreases, last night, and think that the yarn is too heavy for these needles. It is also a little tighter than I'd like, so I will probably frog the first sock and re-knit on larger needles. I like the pattern, so knitting it again is fine. Not only that, but the size 1 needles were splitting the yarn a little and the pattern decreases were difficult to work. I think that all of the should be better with a larger needle. I still love them, but may take some time to work on some older WIPs before restarting.