Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Knitting

Over the weekend, I worked on the Mystery Stole for quite awhile. However, when it came time to meet a friend at Village Yarn and Tea, I chose to take supplies to cast on for a new WIP, the Kureyon Kozy. I am using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, sent to me by Heather during SP10. I finished the knitting on Saturday night. Now, I just need to go through my ribbon and button stash to find the necessary supplies to finish this quick project. It fits the tea pot that belonged to my grandmother very nicely. Once that was finished, I returned to the MS3. As of now, I have about 20 rows to knit and then Clue 4 will be finished. I hope to do this tonight and get some pictures up tomorrow, but only time will tell.

On another note, I decided to frog the Tied Up Tee. The yarn was not right. I tried to rework the gauge, but the sleeves were not right at all. I even tried re-knitting the sleeve cap to give a little more ease, but the sleeve was still too tight and too long. If I decide to try this pattern again, I'll have to try it in a thicker yarn so that I can get the gauge on the pattern. The yarn will be perfect for making a Christmas gift for my mom as it is a wool-free blend of rayon and cotton. As I've been working on this sweater, she has often made comments about how much she likes the yarn, color & feel. Now, I'll just have to find a great pattern and I'll be on my way!

I've also been working on the Chevron socks. The second one is to the point where I've just begun the heel. I'll keep plugging away and should have a finished pair by the end of the week. Next on the sock needles? Christmas presents...Its gotta be, if I really want to give handmade gifts, again, this year!


Quail Hill Knits said...

You know, when a yarn is not working on a pattern, it is better to frog it and start with something else. But oh, all that work! I hope to see the 2nd sock finished soon. I really like the pattern and the sock yarn you chose. Happy Knitting.