Saturday, July 07, 2007


When I arrived home last night, I had a package waiting to be opened...It was from Heather, my SP 10 Pal. She sent 9 skeins of yarn, a pattern book, note cards, lavender essential oil, bunny salt & pepper shakers, a fir scented sachet, a set of handmade stitch markers a basket and 2 teas. All I can say is, "Wow!" She did a great job. I'm already planning a new project. Of course that's not difficult for me when I have just received so much yarn all at once! I'll probably use the CottonFine to cast on for July's Sockamania pattern. I've been wanting to go sock yarn shopping so that I could start the pattern, but had to wait to have some money for this purpose! Heather saved the day!


Quail Hill Knits said...

Great SP 10 package! Wasn't that a fun thing to participate in?

HDW said...

I have enjoyed being your secret pal. I have to say that I feel very lame, though I hope you understand. Did you see how I did have the best of intentions at your birthday...had the alpaca all pretty in a box and all.....then stuff went nutz COMPLETELY around here. Enjoy, and mae something lacey and delightful with the Henry's attic.......oh how I love wring i a yanshop....but man oh man how many ties can I fondle those hanks without buying them????? I was good though I bought none for myself!!!!! And I hope the balsam pillow does not cause any allergic reactions.....It is all natural, I know the lady who makes them.......they last forever!!!! Hope you really enjoyed it!!!! We were on the mainland and I checked in to see if you got it yesterday an was sad not to see it.....but then very happy to see t tonight!!!