Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Serpentine Socks

On Saturday, I started this month's Sockamania pattern, Serpentine Socks. They are toe up, with a gusset heel. I finished to this point, last night. The cabling is fun, but it makes for slow progress. In order to make the cables without a cable needle, I knew that I waould need to use metal needles as the stress is too much for my wood needles. (They bend nearly in half, otherwise.) However, the metal needles rub on fingers, so I can only work on these for a while, and then I need to put them down. Because of the complexity of the pattern, these are not riding with me too and from work. That certainly helps the fingers.
Instead, I've been working on the Green Tea Raglan as my commuter knitting. I've become accustomed to the moss stitch and am able to work it without watching what I'm doing. Every so often I make sure to look at it, just in case and once in a while have to tink back because the knit stitches are all lining up, instead of off setting. Such is the way with knitting moss or ribbing stitches for me. Its no problem and I'm pretty used to this. Its all worth it for the beautiful fabric that the Bamboo yarn is becoming. Only 2 1/2 (out of 10) skeins of yarn to go! (I think that I may be cutting it kind of close, so the amount of yarn is a fairly good means of determining how much knitting is left to complete.)


Put a Sock in it said...

Your sock's coming along nicely. :)

I doubt I'll be knitting this month's pattern. I haven't got quite the right yarn for it, and really don't feel like making the trip to get some.

Quail Hill Knits said...

I looked at that pattern and decided to pass on it until later...I was more interested in the sweater pattern. How much further do you have on the Green Tea Raglan before it is finished? Looking forward to Saturday!