Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tied Up Tee Back in Progress!!

Realizing the need for a simpler project to work on while vanpooling to work, I pulled out the Tied Up Tee, last night. Fortunately, I was remembering incorrectly and I had done all the gauge change calculations on the pattern, so I didn't have to continue calculating the changes!! I was able to just start knitting. I did, however, have to dig into the stash for another skein of yarn as I only had a few yards left of the skein attached to the project. I knew right where the yarn was, but it took a few minutes to unbury the box. (I tend to store fabric on top of it & had to pull all that down off the shelf, first.) I have the front & back and half a sleeve finished on this sweater. Hopefully, I'll finish the first sleeve by the end of the week! Finally, I am excited for this project again. Its been hibernating for about a year, and I've had no desire to work on it, so this feels really good!