Monday, July 16, 2007

Mystery Stole Update

On Saturday afternoon, I went to Village Yarn & Tea to meet Kathleen and KnottyKitty. We sat with the knitting group that meets in the store every Saturday. I met several other awesome knitters, as well. Those were 3 great hours, knitting & talking with so many knitters. I'm sure I'll go back again, sometime soon! I took the MS3 with me to work on. I didn't get much finished on it, because I kept having to tink back and fix mistakes, but I still finished clue 3 by 9PM Sunday! So far, it looks like a stitch sampler, which I love!

In other knitting news, I've also been working on the Civil War Shawl and the Serpentine Socks. For the socks, I had to rip back some because the sock was not big enough to go over my heel easily enough. I've knit back to the point where I was before. I added extra stitches at the sides of the ankle so that I would have the extra room needed. On the CWS, I'm actually getting enough progress that it would be worth taking a picture, if only I had done that last night! I only have about 12-15 rows to go before I can start the edging. (Starting the edging will mean that I am half done!!) It really seems to be the summer of lace, for me!
Now that I've finished the Green Tea Raglan, I need to either start or start finishing another simpler project that can be commuter knitting. Maybe the Tied Up Tee will finally get some more work?! I'd rather start Arietta, but don't have the yarn and the budget won't handle it, right now...I have plenty to keep me busy, so that's not the point, right?