Friday, April 20, 2007

A Package!!

I left work early, today, as my shoulder is causing me quite a bit of pain...I'm not quite sure what I may have done to injure it, but it sure hurt! (Yesterday, I was home from work and could not even knit most of the day because of the pain...) When I arrived home, there was a medium sized box waiting!! I knew I hadn't ordered anything, so I was hoping it was from my Secret Pal. IT WAS!! My dh brought the box in & set it on the counter where I could open it. She enclosed 3 skeins of yarn, 2 kinds of dried fruit, some blueberry tea (mmm), cat food (which I'm sure one of my kitties will love!), a scrapbook, and a sock knitting book that I've been wanting for a while, now. Wow, what a great package. I can hardly wait for my shoulder to heal so that I can start another new project!! My biggest problem will be deciding what to knit. Do I start some socks with a yarn from my stash, or do I use the new yarn and look for a new pattern? As it will take the shoulder a week to heal, I do have time to decide.


Anonymous said...

I hope you like it all! I had such fun picking it allout and then had to wait until the book came!!!! And the angel is supposed to hold something.....whatever you choose....she is knit from a pattern in knitted angels......I have one that I made and put a tiny knitting project on toothpick needles with a ball of yarn hanging from it, or you put flowers in it, a cat...whatever you choose......they are a joy to work up...the pain is in the starching process, but totally worht it!!!! Oh BTW I love the fingerless gloves....too pretty!!!