Monday, April 02, 2007

Green Gable

I finished Green Gable to the point of removing the sleeve stitches from the needle! I knit about an inch on the body of the sweater, and then went on to finish a sleeve. Since they're short sleeves, it didn't take too long, except I was using a 60" circular needle and the magic loop method. Every time I knit a half round, I would have to stop and pull 60" of the circular through the work! This seemed to take forever, so I really need to put a shorter circular needle on it. (I'm using KnitPicks options needles, so this will be no problem. I just need to remember to grab a shorter cable!) I'm really loving the way that the yarn is knitting up, and so is my mom. She still thinks that the sweater is for me, and, of course, I'm not correcting that mis-belief! I figure that I have it at least half way done. Hopefully, I will get a picture posted this evening or tomorrow.