Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back Home

We left home early Tuesday morning, following my parents up the mountain pass to Coeur D'Alene. As we drove, we hit snowfall at the summit! It was beautiful and was not sticking to the highway, so I loved it! Since dh was driving, I had the opportunity to look out the window, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Coming back down into the valley, the sun was out and it looked so warm. However, we stopped to view the Columbia River from a lookout, it was so windy that we felt like we might be blown down the hillside!

When we arrived at our condo, my mom and I took a few minutes to unpack the food we brought & then headed out to take the 25 minute trip back into Coeur D'Alene. We found the scrapbook store and spent about 45 minutes looking around. I found some great camping/ATV-ing papers and stickers. Afterward, we went looking for the yarn stores. We found 2, but they had already closed.
Most of Wednesday we spent scrapbooking. I finished my album for Christmas 2006, except for a little journalling that still needs to be done. Then, I went on to work on my camping pictures from last year. I was certainly glad to have the papers & stickers that I purchased the day before, as I forgot the notebook with all my outdoors-y stickers & embellishments in it! Although I didn't catch up on any of my knitting, I feel a great sense of accomplishment getting so much done on the scrapbooking.
We needed to be back home by Thursday evening, so my dh & I left around 11AM. He offered to stop at a yarn store, before going home! Isn't he great? I found 2 skeins of Sockotta sock yarn that I loved & we were back on the road. I, of course, immediately cast on! :)

As we drove, the sun was shining & it looked gorgeous, until we arrived back at Snoqualmie Pass. This time, it was raining pretty good!
By the time we arrived home I had about 3/4 of a sock finished in the Purple Mix colorway.

To top off this great trip, I went to the mail box, and what did I find? A great package from Mildred on my Stitch Marker Exchange! She sent some great, purple markers and a skein of sock yarn!


Jknits said...

The pictures are beautiful. What great scenery.

I love the socks- that colorway is great.