Friday, April 20, 2007

Dashing in Green

While beginning my Stash page, yesterday, I found some green Classic Wool (from Patons) that was left over from knitting my husband a pair of felted slippers. It looks like the right amount of yarn to knit Dashing from I've been wanting to knit this pattern, for a while, and wanted a quick project that I could finish quickly. I didn't want them to be so long, so I shortened the number of rows between cable rows. They're looking great! I have the first one finished, and the second almost ready to knit the thumb. This is the first time I've knit an afterthought thumb (or toe, or anything) so it has a been a good learning experience. I like it so well that I may even try it on a sock sometime soon.

Last Christmas, I knit a pair of lacy, fingerless gloves for my brother's fiance (now wife.) She absolutely loved them & seemed to always have them on. The last time I heard about it, she said 1 had been misplaced at her aunt's house. Apparently, said aunt is so disorganized that there is little hope of it showing up. I keep hoping, but no news, yet. However, I know how much my SIL likes the gloves & find it difficult to know what to give her for her birthday. Although its in May, not the coolest time of year, I think I'll give these to her, then. Before you ask, no, I'm not really worried about her losing another. Once gifted, I rarely worry about my knitting. The only thing that I care about is whether the person will really like what I've spent time knitting, and whether or not they'll use it. In use, there is always a chance for an item to get worn out, ruined, or lost. I'm just glad she wears what I've made. [smiling!]

Updated to include a picture at 1:18PM.


Jknits said...

I wear my half mittens all the time. I'm sure your SIL will appreciate the gift even if it's not seasonal.
I hope your shoulder feels better soon.