Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweater Workshop

Last night I began to work on a swatch for the “Top Down Sweater with Set in Sleeves” class with Tuulia that I am registered to take on the 28th. First, I spent a little time on Ravelry looking for a yarn that I could use. I searched my stash for a yarn that was left over from another project, but that there are still around 300 yards. I landed on the leftover yarn from DH’s Christmas sweater. There is more yardage than I need, but it will work and I have absolutely no idea what else I would make with it. I cast on using my Knit Picks Options wood tips in the recommended size 7. After knitting the swatch, I measured it to make sure that it was matching gauge for both the stitch and row gauge. It looked good. Then, I put it in to soak and laid it out to dry. This morning, I didn’t have time to measure again, but it looks about the same to me. The fabric feels rather crisp, but that will be alright for the sample sweater that we will be knitting during the class. After finishing the knitting I spent a little time putting together a tool kit to take to class containing all the little markers and holders, etcetera that she suggests. I’m all ready and still have week to wait! :)