Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Sweater FO

I have been knitting and just plain feeling overly busy lately! I finished a cardigan for my SIL’s birthday, recently and still have not taken a photo, but you can be assured that I am still knitting!

The same day that I bound off the last stitch on her sweater, I cast on for a pull over for me. I have one ball (of 11) knit into it already and the fabric is lovely and soft. A while back, I purchased these 11 balls of Filatura Di Crosa’s Zara in French Lilac from Elann.com. I have always had such good experiences with their customer service and, being geographically close to them, I usually receive my orders within just a couple days! I had planned on knitting an entirely different sweater with this yarn, but when I was looking for something more spring-like, I happened upon this yarn in my stash. It may not be enough yards for a longer sleeved sweater, so I cast on for a Drops pattern, # 77-19 Pullover. Ravelry is so wonderful and of course I used the search to find this pattern. I have knit with Drops patterns before and thoroughly enjoy the process. The patterns usually are quite simply written, often leaving out extraneous words that explain something that most knitters would know any way. I find that it takes very little time to read the patterns and I have had no problems knitting from them. However, some new knitters find the patterns frustrating because they don’t tell you every little detail. Frequently, the pattern will say something like, “Knit rib for 5 rows.” A very new knitter may not understand that ribbing (at least when unspecified) is k1p1 across the row. Though I can be obsessive about getting a sweater just right, this type of thing does not bother me. I may even decide that I like a different rib better and change it out! :)