Thursday, March 19, 2009

Playmates: Cat and Spider?

Last night, I was sitting and knitting while watching television. Suddenly a HUGE spider went crawling across the floor toward Thor, our cat. He didn’t even notice until DH put a drinking glass over the top to catch it. At that point he seemed to be overly interested and kept trying to get it through the glass. He even moved the glass some. Then, she would move and he would be enthralled once again. This was one of the biggest spiders that I have ever seen (at least in the wild.) He was afraid to smoosh it, because he didn’t want the guts all over the carpet. We let the kitty entertainment go on for a while and eventually put the spider outside. I was expecting him to kill it after putting it out, but he didn’t. (DH really hates spiders and I don’t like them much better when they’re that big!)


Irie said...

Ohhh what a cute kitty! She looks like one of mine. :)