Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, we didn't make it in time for breakfast at Ikea, but we did enjoy ourselves! We shopped through the store for over an hour and then ate lunch. I always do enjoy their meatballs! We continued to shop for around another 2 hours. I found a great, new mat for outside my front door. It's pink and blue and very lovely. I also purchased a new cover for our chair that the cat has been scratching. The old one held up very well considering his destructive nature, but is starting to look a little sad after a year of being used as a scratching post! It has a few snags and the top stitching along one of the seams is nearly gone, but it really isn't too bad off. Ikea uses some good, tough fabrics. I also bought some new microwavable storage containers. My DH likes to have soup for lunch every day and often overheats it, staining the containers various shades of orange. The old ones from Ikea have held up very well, not melting or cracking and are a great, low price. Since the first two worked so well, I figured a couple more would be good and I could throw out or recylce some of the old Glad or Ziploc disposable containers that he has been using lately.
As we were walking through the display rooms, both my friend K and I would love to redecorate our bedrooms. We talked about mattresses and what type we would like to buy as well as of bed frames and other furniture. I have been interested in tossing the heavy, tall furniture that I have now and buying new, lighter colored pieces. Unfortunately, I have yet to save the money required to do this, so my DH and I continue to use our older, less functional pieces. Someday!