Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finished Sweater Versus Choose Own Button Style

Having finished my SIL’s cardigan, last week, I went to my modest button stash to see if I had any thing suitable. The pattern requires 9 buttons and I didn’t have more than 4 or 5 in a size and style that I liked. She has very different tastes than I do in some things. My debate is whether to buy the buttons and put them on, or give her a gift card to a store that sells buttons so that she can select her own. I would be willing to sew them on for her and I would do it quickly, probably the same day that I get them from her, so that is not a problem, but what would you do?

ETA: Please leave a comment. I can't get my poll to work and don't have time right now to troubleshoot. Thanks.


Chrisknits said...

It won't let me vote, so I will say here, I would love to be able to pick out my own, so gift card.

Ruthanne (in Seattle) said...

I think since you know you don't share the same taste that I would opt for the gift card. If she isn't acquainted with sewing/sizes of buttons etc, go with her so you can take them and put them on right away. BTW - Acorn Street has great button selection. . . have fun!

Jknits said...

I'd say let her pick the buttons. If you got something she didn't like, she might not want to tell you.