Saturday, March 21, 2009

Progress Update

Wow, have I been a schizophrenic knitter lately! It seems I get a little finished on a project and then move on to something else. I have many, many projects in various states right now. In my knitting bag, I have my Whisper Cardigan and a short-sleeved pullover that I have been making for myself, as well. Both of those are getting some work. On the cardigan, I am back to about one third finished. It is looking much better this time. I am also getting little spurts of my pullover finished. Somewhere in there, I grew tired of those 2 projects and didn’t want to go find a different one, so I picked up the Fuschia Scarf that I had started a few weeks ago. In 2 nights it was finished! I really enjoyed the quick knit of the scarf and the lace pattern. I still need to block it, so I don’t have a finished picture, yet. However, you can see the beautiful pattern from the picture I took at the beginning of the project.

And now, I'm off to Ikea for a free breakfast and a good time with a friend!


Jknits said...

Love the pink scarf - so pretty. I get that frenzy with projects sometimes - just want to get going on something else. How did the skirt turn out?