Friday, March 20, 2009

Old UFO Becomes New FO!

Several years ago, I bought a bag of Pure Alpaca from At the same time, I purchased a pattern booklet from Berocco and set out to make a skirt. I finished the knitting relatively quickly and then held it up to see how it would fit. To my astonishment, it appeared to be too tight and too long. So, rather than finishing, it went into a “time-out.” Fast forward to Thursday night…This project had been pulled out of hiding several weeks ago and had been sitting on my end table in the living room. Not having another project within an arms reach, I picked it up, seamed it and wove in the ends. It still needs the elastic inserted into the waistband, but I blocked it out last night. It is drying, currently. I am still concerned about the length, but I tried it on after I finished the seam and it is not too tight. It may even be little loose once it has been blocked. I am hoping that it fits perfectly and does not continue to stretch as it is worn. I wish I knew about the stretchy property of alpaca before I had bought the yarn, but maybe this one will pleasantly surprise me. I should know by Sunday, as I plan to wear the skirt, if it fits correctly!