Saturday, February 21, 2009

Silver Falls Retreat Part 5

There was a blue sky and filtered sun for the trip home. Leaving the park was a little sad, but I wanted to get home, too. So, I drove much closer to the speed limit, this time. I made good time and with only one stop it took around three and a half hours to make it to Olympia. However, there was a bad, bad accident in Fife that was blocking two lanes. It took me about an hour and forty minutes to go around 5 miles. It was only that quick because I followed many other cars off the freeway and onto Highway 99 and then back onto I-5 after the accident. This went well enough and I arrived home almost 6 hours after I left the park, safe and sound. My husband called me just before I hit the traffic, and told me that he was going to evening service at church with his dad. Since he was not home, yet, I took some time to unpack, finishing much more quickly than I expected! After that, I set to work updating my stash and project on Ravelry, until he arrived.