Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here a Sweater, There a Sweater...

Everywhere a Sweater!

Yes, I have started another sweater. Here is the story:

Last Friday, I started a new sweater. I cast on for Interweave Knits Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Last summer, my SIL asked me if I would knit a sweater for her. She offered to buy the yarn, and I pulled up Ravelry on the computer at my sister’s house, where we were. I just love the way that Ravelry allows me to search the patterns that I already own to find a new project. Said SIL started to describe the type of style she wanted, and I was able to input the specifics into the search, as well. She wanted a cardigan, preferably long sleeved and crew neck in a lighter weight fabric.

Tangled Yoke came up in one of these searches. I had wanted to make this sweater from the very first time that I looked through the magazine. My sister didn’t like the fact that it was a yoked sweater and so I found a different pattern to make for her that Christmas. So, when it came up in my search, I was excited when my SIL liked it! Then, we started to look for an affordable wool yarn source on line that would have a color that she wanted. We looked primarily at Elann and Knit Picks. She found that the colors were preferable in the Peruvian Highland Sport from Elann and said that a pale blue color would be lovely. At that point, I knew to plan on knitting it for her. I don’t usually take on projects like this, but she is very easy to please and as a beginning knitter, appreciates the work that goes into a larger project like a sweater.

Not long after agreeing to knit a sweater for her, she told me, sadly, that she may not have the $35 for the yarn for quite some time. I still had store credit with Elann, and purchased the yarn for her last fall. She doesn’t know that I have already begun, and I plan to finish this in time to be her birthday present in May of this year.

I have already finished the body of the sweater, up to the armholes and really want to leave work, though I can’t, to cast on for a sleeve. What I really want to start is the cabling on the yoke, but I need to wade through quite a bit more garter rib and stockingnet stitch, first. The knitting, though on US size 4 needles, is still moving along more quickly than I had expected. If I can keep going at my current pace, I will finish this in a couple more weeks.

The resulting fabric from the Highland Sport is a little stiff and rough, but I was good and spent the time to make swatches, wash and dry them. The swatch was a little big on the size 5 needles that the pattern called for, so I went down to 4’s and made gauge. Since I washed the swatch, I know that it softens considerably and drapes much better with only a cold water bath and I know that if I add a little fabric softener or conditioner that it will be even softer and drapeier.


Karen said...

Pretty color. I have that in my queue and have yarn in my stash ready for it. But someone at Rhinebeck said the pattern was really confusing, and now I'm scared. I'm glad it seems to be going really well for you so far.

g-girl said...

i can't wait to see it all finished! it's so nice that it's going to a fellow knitter. :) she's going to love it!

Jknits said...

What a great story. I love to hear other people's enthusism for knititng. I too find myself wanting to pick up a project when I have to do other things - like make a living, cook dinner, etc.