Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silver Falls Retreat Part 3

After a great lunch on Saturday afternoon, we all headed over to the conference room for the “silent” auction. Having over 50 people in the room with sooo many yarns available for sale certainly wasn’t very silent! I sold several of my yarns and a bought a one pack of 10 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Top (for only $20!) during the first round. Then, I marked down many of my yarns and sold several more bags full, while buying a skein of Socks that Rock (mill ends) for only $4. I started with $28 in my pocket and ended up with $68! I was quite pleased with myself. After the auction ended, my roommate, Kathi, purchased one more bag of cotton leftovers from me for $1. I’m glad that the yarns are going to wonderful new homes and that I have a little money for them all!
At the end of all the buying and selling we were all a bit weary, but many of us came back to the conference room in comfy, yoga clothes to be guided through a peaceful one hour practice.


g-girl said...

wow, there was an auction too? that's so cool!