Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Saturday’s marriage seminar was so much fun. It was a video of a marriage conference held in Arizona a couple years ago. We had a session in the morning called, “Two Brains.” The speaker talked rather humorously about the differences in the ways that men and women think. There were some things that I had heard before that were a great reminder, and there were a couple of things that I hadn’t heard before. After the morning sessions, we walked to lunch with some friends. There is a Safeway and a Subway in the same parking lot several blocks up from the church. We had a nice time talking and enjoying each other’s company. After lunch, we walked back to the church for another session with the same speaker. He continued to speak on how to make your spouse happy.

Afterward, we went to some friends’ house for dinner and a movie. They played Fireproof, which if you haven’t seen it, you should. Its an excellent movie and really makes me think about the little things in how I treat people, but most of all my husband.