Friday, February 20, 2009

Silver Falls Retreat Part 4

After dinner on Saturday night, they held the planning meeting for next year. Everyone goes and works together, giving their time, to make this happen. That is why, I found out, that the retreat is so affordable. They talked of classes and door prizes and other administrative things. By the end almost half the room had a task to complete for next year. After hearing what they have planned, I wanted even more badly to go next year. I used some of the money that I earned at the auction to pay my deposit. I figure, having 10 months, or so, to save the extra that I need will be easy and plan to stay for 3 nights next time! I also plan on trying to get my friend K on the waiting list to be able to go with me.
Also during this meeting I was loaned the needles that I needed to make working the sleeve on my pullover easiest. Knitters are such generous people and I think that is one of the many reasons that this retreat was so much fun and went so well.


g-girl said...

you're making me want to go to this retreat! ;)