Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Silver Falls Retreat Part 1

This past weekend was wonderful! Driving down to the retreat was relaxed an uneventful. I stopped at several of the rest areas, taking the time to walk a little so that I would arrive not too sore and tired. I stopped at Molehill Farm and purchased a little scarf project. This included a Fiber Trends pattern and two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Then, I made one more yarn stop, where I was unimpressed and did not buy anything. Then, I wound my way through the many Christmas tree farms up to the Silver Falls Oregon State Park. I took it slowly, enjoying the scenery. The road was very quiet, so I only needed to let one car pass. Arriving at the conference center, I checked in and did a little unpacking. Afterwards, I went down to the common area in my lodge to meet new friends and knit. It was lovely. At one point, a couple of the women were complimenting my Lace Cardigan sweater that I was wearing. One of them said, “Hold your arms up,” in a joyfully, commanding voice. I did it immediately and the room broke into laughter! Only in a group of knitters could a circumstance like this one be good. You see, they all wanted to see the decreases and seams on the inside of the arms. I knew that was probably what was being asked and had no problem with it, either. :) After several hours of socializing and knitting, during which I finished the lower body of my Brilliance Pullover, we headed off to dinner. The food was very good all weekend long and so was the mealtime conversation.
After dinner, I followed the others into the conference room, with knitting in hand. We went around the room showing our items, talking and laughing, all while knitting or spinning. I wore my pale blue Lace Cardigan and took my black and white gloves from the book “Selbuvotter.” They all loved both projects, many thanks to those who helped me choose which projects to take!


g-girl said...

gosh, it sounds like it was a lot of fun. i almost feel as though i was there with you by the way you tell it. :)