Thursday, August 30, 2012

Knitting Pattern Problems

Before I started the Pan-Am Jacket, I read through the directions. There seemed to be something off or just plain missing near the end, but I thought that this must be one of the few times when I just need trust the pattern and do it to understand.  Now that I am near the end, I realize that there is indeed a piece of the pattern missing! I have tried to find errata on the Interweave website and even gone to the KAL boards to find information. I've even checked for posts on Ravelry.  I finally looked at the notes on the projects of people who have already finished their sweater.  One post in particular was very helpful.  She is very specific about the changes that she made and goes into fine detail about how she knit the border. Now that I've read it, I just hope that it isn't too late.  I may not have picked up enough stitches at the beginning of the border. I will finish any way, though, hopeful that blocking will remove any issues. I am so near finishing and really hope that I can accomplish it before Saturday morning. It would be so nice to show off the finished project to my little knitting group!