Tuesday, August 07, 2012


toe of sock, second try
Rather than finishing a project, like I told myself that I would, I have been working on a new pair of socks.  My husband wanted to go to the movies last Saturday night. When I go to a movie, I like a small, mostly stockinette project to work.  I didn't have anything matching this description on my needles already, so I pulled out the only yarn that was already wound into a ball and cast on in the car while he drove us to the theater.  A few days later, I had a half-finished sock! When I tried it on, though, I found that I had underestimated the length required and ripped it out.  I started over with a slightly different pattern and have been working on the same project since. It is fun and I love the way the colors are working together.  In the first sock the was too much pooling.  The second one has far less, which I like very much.

I also took my design knitting out to our patio last weekend.  As I started to seam the little doll sweater, I realized that I didn't bind off the right number of stitches before starting the sleeve caps and needed to re-knit them.  Since I had already cut the steeks, I had to throw away the little bit of yarn and start with fresh.  I only have a couple of rows to go, but am having difficulties returning to that project.  I know that ripping and re-knitting is just part of designing and I have had little trouble maintaining interest, until now. I feel like I've lost my "mojo." Hopefully, I will make the time for the last push to finish this sweater this weekend. I want to get the pattern written up and listed on Ravelry.  Then, I can start working on any extra class-related hand outs.