Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knitting Updates

I've had good progress on my current sock project this week.  On Saturday, I finished the first sock and the toe of the second. By Monday afternoon, I had finished the heel turn on the second sock.  All is going well and I expect to have a finished pair by Saturday. 

Next up: returning to the Cassidy cardigan.  The two of us doing our mini KAL agreed to have the back and fronts blocked by Saturday so that we can start the hood together.  All that is left on mine is the hood and front bands, so I am excited to get started on the next section.  I intended to get started on the blocking before now, but supposed to be very warm this week, so I am unworried about it drying in time for Saturday's meeting. I plan to wash each piece in the sink and then lay it out to dry.

As for the Pan-Am Jacket, I may need to wait a week or two before continuing on it as having nearly two pounds of wool in my lap when the temperatures are reaching 90 degrees and no air conditioning really isn't very comfortable.