Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot weather = More knitting!

Here in the Seattle area, we're finally receiving some hot (for us) weather.  As a result, I have not felt like doing much. Instead of the many other projects that have kept me busy in the past, I am now feeling the "bite of the knitting bug." However, the heat also makes me feel like I have a license to start new projects as my works in progress are all heavy wool sweaters. Sitting in the heat with over a pound of wool in my lap sounds like torture rather than enjoyment!

5% of the pattern knitted by early 8/16

After finishing the socks, earlier this week, I started a shawl with some beautiful Ella Rae yarn that I purchased at Serial Knitters during the Local Yarn Store Tour 2012. The yarn is wonderfully squishy and working a shawl that only takes one ball means I don't have too much of it sitting in my lap at once. The colors are stunning and I have knit 30% of the pattern in just a little over one day. I like it so well, I almost wish that I weren't working today so that I could just sit and knit.  However, there is air conditioning at work, so I am also enjoying the temperatures inside today when it is supposed to be around 90 degrees outside today.

30% of the pattern knitted by the time of this post