Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Finished Projects in Two Days!

While waiting for my KAL buddy, K, to finish knitting her hood on Saturday, I finished binding off my Helen's Grace shawlette. I started to bind off on Friday, but ran out of yarn halfway through. That was frustrating, but I ripped back one row and re-started the bind off. Finishing was a relief. I soaked it and then pinned it out on the floor that same evening. By Sunday morning it was dry and ready to wear. The colors are beautiful and the pattern simply enough that the variegated yarn and pattern go well together.

During the Cassidy KAL on Saturday, I finished the hood, including seaming, and picked up the stitches needed to knit the button and buttonhole bands. I finished all but the last few rows while at Starbucks with the group.  On Sunday morning, I took it outside to sit in the sun and finished the bands, wove in all the ends and sewed buttons onto the button band. The sleeves are a little long, but otherwise, it fits wonderfully. I still want to steam block the hood and bands a little to help everything lay correctly.

When finished with Cassidy, I picked up the Pan-Am Jacket again.  Here I finished the sleeve and started picking up the stitches for the continuous band. Since then, I have knit several rows on it, but as they contain so many stitches, each row is taking around an hour to complete. This is going to take much time to finish, still. When I finished the sleeve, I thought I might be able to get three projects finished in three days, but I once I started, I realized that is unrealistic. I do plan to have it done before next weekend, though.