Thursday, August 02, 2012


I haven't been cross stitching much this past week as I have been reorganizing my scrapbook supplies.  I recently purchased a Scraprack and have been making alterations to my organization so that I can incorporate this new way of storing everything. Yesterday afternoon, I was making some slight changes to the themes that I have used to sort and store my stickers and die-cuts. I have created a few more themes and put all sizes of the same theme together rather than storing everything by size, then theme within major categories. I was using huge categories like: nature, kids and holidays. Now I have about a dozen that cover nature and kids.  Holidays and seasons will remain in their own section. Watch the first video in the "Get Organized Challenge" on the Scraprack website if you're interested in the specific organization technique. I still have a ways to go, but am really excited that this should cause me to use much less space for storing my supplies and make them easier to find an use.
Next step: sort and store my paper. Hopefully, I'll finish this step tonight.  I have an appointment, which will limit the time available.