Tuesday, September 03, 2013

New Lace Project

This past Saturday, I was sitting and knitting with a friend at Starbucks.  She had found many skeins of Handmaiden Sea Silk at a second hand store for about $4 per ball.  Having these, she and I were looking at patterns on Ravelry. The more I helped her search for the perfect pattern, the more I wanted to cast on with her! I have plenty to work on already, but what does that matter, right? While our favorites differed, I added several free patterns to my library. My favorite was the Gwendolyn shawl.

Having a new niece and nephew born earlier this summer, I have been spending most of my knitting time knitting for them. Each of the babies were given 2 hand knit sweaters at their respective showers. Then, I had some gray yarn left over from a sweater I made for myself and decided that it would make a great winter sweater for my tiny little nephew.  There was still plenty of yarn remaining, so I cast on for a sweater for his older, 5-year-old brother. The sweaters don't match exactly, but will look so cute together.  On Saturday, I finished the larger sweater to a point where there is probably only 1 hour of knitting left to be accomplished.  Saturday evening, as I was preparing to leave for book club, I turned back to my favorite lace pattern of the morning and gathered what I needed to cast on. I finished a little over 1 repeat of the pattern while discussing The Presidents Club. The pattern is more intricate and difficult to memorize than I expected, but I have finished two and a half pattern repeat as of today.