Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finished and New Goals

In the past week, I’ve finished the mitts, for my sister-in-law and continued working on the brown, lace shawl. The shawl is coming along well and may even be complete by next week.
This past Saturday, while at Starbucks for an afternoon of knitting with a friend, we discussed a new knit-along. We are planning to begin the I Heart Cardigans pattern by Tanis Lavallee around the first Saturday of October.  We talked about the possibility several weeks ago, and were discussing yarn choices last week. I think we have both decided to use Valley Yarns Berkshire. There are many lovely colors, the price is good, and the fiber content is one of my favorites: wool and alpaca.
As I look forward to the next KAL, I am planning to only finish projects until the beginning. I have a little left on a cardigan for one of my nephews, a sleeve that needs to be re-knitted on a cardigan for myself, some kids, fair-isle mittens, a pair of socks for myself, and a pair of knee socks, that just need the ribbing re-knitted as the do not stay up as they are. Two and a half weeks may not be enough to finish all of this, but I’m going to really try. If I astound myself and complete the above list, I do have several others to work on, a shawl, a bag, and a pullover, but doubt I have the time to finish any of these, even if I used the entire time on one of them. Cleaning up my projects list always feels so good to finish.